Wands At the Ready: A Most Fantastic Collaboration

Crimes of Grindelwald? We've Got Our #WandsAtTheReady !!!!

Potterheads, Fangirls, Fanboys, Book Dragons and other Insta Friends rejoice! My blogger bestie, Potter partner in crime and the Fred to my George,  Monica and I have conjured up blog collaboration extravaganza.

Leading up to the premier of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel  “The Crimes of Grindelwald” in November, Monica on her blog Pop Corner Reviews and myself here on Vicky Hearts TV put our (non-shrunken) heads together to count down to the release.

We’ve got our #WandsAtTheReady and are SOOOOOO stoked to have you join us on our enchanting adventure!

We’re not just ticking days off a calendar but are publishing new magical material every month. We have SO many exclusive projects, interviews and other goodies you HAVE to check both of our blogs regularly to see what mischief we get up to! Mischief we have no intention of “managing” any time soon.

And that I solemnly swear.

Now it’s time to meet Monica!!!!

You may know her from her Instagram @Monica.delmonico where this geek culture goddess slays all day with DIYs, fandom fashion, and other Marvel, DC, Potterverse fun. This Pittsburgh based blogger is a proud Slytherin, dog mom and seriously looks like Wonder Woman’s TWIN !!! Monica’s blog PopcornerReviews is THE place to go for epic DIYs, party ideas, and geek chic living! When she’s not at her day job she’s concocting more crafts (her new Cricut is definitely one of her new BFFs!), Netflix bingeing, and geeking out with her dapper Shiba Inu Anzu and her husband.

So since our collab is #WandsAtTheReady what is your Pottermore wand made of?

My Pottermore wand is made of elm wood with a phoenix feather core. And fun fact, my hubby and I visited Universal Studios during our honeymoon and were selected from the crowd to participate in Ollivander's wand shop presentation! After a couple faulty tries (books flying off the shelves, etc.) our wands chose us!

I have to give it up for your brilliance at coming up with our hash tag title!! Ugh I just can’t pretend that I had a role in coming up with it! I’m no Gilderoy Lockhart! 😂

Speaking of Lockhart— which Hogwarts Professor is your favourite?
Professor Lupin! I love that Lupin actually prepared Harry  for the challenges he would face, and didn't treat him like a child. And of course, Professor McGonagall.

Ok now this is such a BASIC question, but which Potterverse character is your favourite? There can be ONLY ONE *scary mermaid voice*
Only one?! That's so, so hard! Hmm...Hermione. She's smart, resourceful, clever, and a reader! The story would have turned out very differently if Hermione hadn't been around! (I do have to admit though, I have always had a liking for Draco.... he's just complicated and misunderstood.)

Quick! Pick a favourite Weasleys Wizard Wheezes product! Go go go go!
Give me some extendable ears please!!

Let’s flip our time turners back for a sec now & rewind to the very beginning of your HP fangirl journey. When did you first read the books or see the films? Were you a Potterhead while the books and movies were raging with popularity across the nation?
Oh, man, was I ever. I've been a Harry Potter nut since fifth grade. I was introduced to the books by my fifth grade teacher. At that time, three books were out, but no movies yet. I went on a reading marathon for those books and then had to wait for the next one - torture! I reserved ALL the books from my local book shop, because it would have been DEVASTATING to not have the new book as soon as it came out.

You gotta tell me: did you ever go to a HP midnight book sale?! Or local Convention?!
I'm not sure if my small-town book shop actually had Harry Potter midnight themed parties, BUT I've gone to plenty of HP parties in my later years at Barnes and Noble, Pittsburgh Geek Girl Brunch, and I've even thrown my own!

Heck YES girl! Readers you can apparate over to Popcorner Reviews to see that magical HP Brunch - with deets on how to host your own!

Let’s crack open Newt’s suitcase now! Since we’re counting down the days until The Crimes Of Grindelwald premiers. Time to field some FB&WTFT questions!


Ok, so you can have ONE fantastic beast companion. What would he or she be & what would you name them?
I want a loyal Hippogriff named.... Hippy! :) We can all use a quick getaway once in awhile.

So you and I are both American witches which means Ilvermorny is technically our school. What’s your Ilvermorny house?
Hmmm... Ilvermorny is technically correct, but I was a foreign exchange students for the majority of my years at Hogwarts... :) But I'm technically in Pukwudgie.

You can hang out with one FB&WTFT character for an hour. Who would it be, where would you go to and what would you do?
Queen and I are going to bake up some nerdy and magical treats!

A Dark Wizard question appears!!! Does Grindelwald scare you at all? Or are you more freaked out by Voldy?
Voldemort! For sure!

Fashion is one of your favourite things~ and girl it’s mine too! So I havvvvve to ask. If you could raid the closet of any Potterverse or FB&WTFT character who would it be and why? If you say Snape I’ll weep for you. 😂
Narcissa Malfoy! I wear a lot of black, and she has the most awesome boats, dresses, and cloaks! So classy and elegant, and black! Plus, I like her hair in the movie (yes, I know it differs from the book).

Ok so LAST QUESTION. What are you most excited to do in this #WandsAtTheReady collab/blog tag? And how is it that you’re so freaking awesome?! Ok that second part of the question is just a fact. 😜
I'm so excited to share my love of the HP universe with another Potterhead! I can't wait to see what adventures we tackle with this collaboration... and of course I can't wait for the new movie! Plus, I love getting to know my blogger friends better!