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Middle Grade Book Review: Louisiana's Way Home

“My heart was broken into several hundred pieces, and I was walking along beside Burke Allen and dreaming of cakes as if the world were a normal place. The world spins on. It spins infinitesimally, and it never ever stops.”
★             ★ ★
Louisiana’s Way Home by Kate DiCamillo

In the wee hours of the morning, Louisiana Elefante is pulled out of her bed by her Granny and told just one thing--  the “reckoning” has begun. The curse of sundering that’s been looming over them for nearly a lifetime has found her and Granny. The only way to avert the tragedy? Drop everything, hit the road and drive far far away!

Louisiana doesn’t have a minute to bid her Florida town au revoir as Granny’s clunker of a car speeds past the state line to Georgia. In one fell swoop, Louisiana loses her best friends Raymie and Beverly, her animal companions Archie and Buddy, and her quaint Florida existence. All before the sunrise. Although she’s no stranger to life on the road twelve-year-old Loui…

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