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Reedsy Discovery Review: "Where Are You Now?"

"Where Are You Now?"  Author: Tyler Clark Burke Pages: 32  Ages: 4+  Publisher: Owlkids  Where are you now, Star? You danced through the sky, As quickly you vanished, Now where is your light?  So begins Tyler Clark Burke’s most recent picture book Where Are You Now?   An award-winning author and illustrator, Burke delivers a gentle and heartfelt exploration of the passage of time and the impermanence of death in  Where Are You Now?  Penned in poetic haiku-like verse  Where Are You Now?  is a warm embrace of a book that, with its mid-March publication date, beautifully ushers in spring, and the rebirth it heralds.  Accompanied by feather-light watercolor illustrations  Where Are You Now?  is an immersive and visual wonder. Elongated shadows of a parent and child clasping hands, the dreamy purple weight of the night sky and its constellations, and the sweeping majesty of misty mountain ranges sidle up alongside Burke’s

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